Office Bearers

Student Council

The Students’ Council consists of the Head Girl, Vice-Head Girl, Catholic Leader and Catholic Vice-Leader, Games Captain and Games Vice- Captain, the four House captains and their vice-captains and council mistress, and the four house mistresses. The Council meets regularly to analyse, organise and put into action all school activities, both the day-to day and the Inter-House events.

The daily maintenance of discipline is to a large extent in the hands of these members. In this task, they will be helped by every member of the staff. Besides, as representatives of the students, they are the voice of the student body and are allowed to express themselves on any issue that may be a cause of concern to the student body.


Students of class XII are eligible to stand for the posts of Head Girl, Catholic Leader, Games Captain and House Captains. Students of class XI can stand for the post of Vice-Head Girl, Catholic Vice-Leader, Games Vice-Captain and the Vice-Captains of the four Houses.

Method of Elections

Elections to the student council is held every year. The Senior Students Council is drawn from the current class XII and the Junior Students Council from the current class V. Each group, that is, Senior & Junior, comprises of 7/8 girl students. Nominations are made by both the teachers and the Principal. The Principal, in consultation with the staff, will decide the final list of girls who are to stand for elections.

From the elected list of students, the Principal will assign the following portfolios:

  • Head Girl
  • Catholic Leader
  • Games Captain
  • House Captains and their respective assistants.

List of the Senior Student Council (2021-22)

Name Portfolio House
ANANYA KOCHCHAR Head girl St. Francis
SAUMYA GOYAL Vice Head Girl St. Joseph
SIAMLALVEN Sports Captain St. Joseph
SHREEYA POONIA Vice Sports Captain Blessed Dina
SANANSHI PIDYAR Captain Blessed Dina
LIVROOP GILL Vice Captain Blessed Dina
SHIVANGI KAUSHIK Captain St. Claudine
ANANYA MUNJAL Vice Captain St. Cluadine
AASTHA SHAH Captain St. Francis
PRANJAL GUPTA Vice Captain St. Francis
PARIDHI SETHI Captain St. Joseph
HITAKSHI SAREEN Vice Captain St. Joseph

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