Centenary Celebration

Schedule of Centenary Celebrations

1st December 09 Holy Eucharistic Celebration 11.30 am
2nd December 09 Stamp Release 11.00 am
3rd December 09 Interfaith Prayer Meet 5.00 pm
4th December 09 Prem Dhara 5.00 pm
5th December 09 Prem Dhara 5.00 pm
6th December 09 Prem Dhara 5.00 pm

1st Dec 08 Eucharistic Celebration

The Centenary Celebrations opened on a prayerful note: the Eucharist - a Thanksgiving Celebration.

The Archbishop of Delhi, His Excellency Most Rev. Vincent Concessao was the main celebrant. He was assisted by the Bishop of Jalandhar, Rt Rev. Anil Couto and by Rev. Fr. Thomas Anchanikal, the Administrator of the Diocese of Shimla-Chandigarh. Nine priests from near-by parishes joined in the celebration.

The choir was “home-grown”, so were the altar servers. Sisters, Staff, Students, Parents, Parishioners and other invitees participated in the Eucharist. The Readings - the first, a hymn, from St Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, to celebrate the Centenary and the second, from St John’s Gospel: “...you cannot bear fruit unless you remain in me...” expressed our praise and thanks to God for the marvels He has worked in and through us.

In his homily, the Archbishop highlighted “love” as the one significant factor for building a relationship between teacher and taught and this love is none else than what God pours into our hearts. He praised the Sisters of Jesus and Mary for the service of education they render. May we be open to continue to receive His strength and power to “Reach Out” to others!

2nd Dec 08 Interfaith Prayer Meet

The Inter-Faith Prayer Meet, celebrating CJM-Ambala Centenary was on 2nd December, 2008. Sr Tara, the Principal introduced the theme: “There is One God”. The Rainbow is the symbol of the never-ending involvement of God in His Creation. Every human being reflects one of the colours of the Rainbow. Can we blend our colours to create One Light? The silence, the dim lights and the slok, “Asatoma sad gamaya”...created an atmosphere of prayer. The power-point presentation: “One God One People” overwhelmed us. This theme was reiterated through Kabir’s Mystic Song: “Where do you search me? ... Where your Faith is, I am there”. Then came the Readings/Reflections from the following Religions: Bahai, Sikh, Tao, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Islam, Buddhist, Jain, Jew, interspersed by strains of the e-tanpura. At intervals, the popular bhajans “Itni Shakti Hamen Dena Data...” “Ea Malik tere bande hum...” were sung by all. The Christian Prayer, Psalm 22 was rendered by the Cantor with everyone echoing the antiphon. Prayers for the people and a blessing “May the Peace of the Lord be with you...” brought this soulful experience to a close.



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Thought for the day

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

~ Nelson Mandela